2 Storey Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Design and Installation of a 2-Storey commercial building in Calinan , Davao City


Italian Swing Gate

Automatic Swing Gate in Insular Village, Lanang, Davao City


Ateneo de Davao University Internal Emergency Fast Response System

A customized internal emergency response system built for the entire University that would allow an automated trigger and response to any emergency cases . 

An showcase of Nelson de Guia's expertise. 


Ateneo de Davao University GST Fire Alarm System

An extension of current Ateneo's Fire Detection and Alarm system. We also have to train and educate their staff to allow proper utilization. Since there are multiple system installed by multiple vendors we had to re-modify this system to provide uniqueness and easy identification during incidents.  A skill and insight that can only be introduced through years of experience. 


Katsu Country and The Junction Building CCTV System

This building is designed by Arch Ej Pasia, an outstanding architect with a very keen eye for details that leads to world-class quality designs. 

Working with Architect EJ was not only to install and make a CCTV system work but we also ensured that the system suited his taste for design; picking the right camera based on its function and aesthetics that allowed the system to blend with the restaurant's architecture. 

You can also see Architect EJ's masterpieces here; (

The Junction Building is a multi-storey building with an elevator surveillance. Most CCTV companies would recommend to place a wireless camera for the elevator. We took a separate approach learned from our experience overseas. We know ways on how to make a cost-effective design which would not entail unnecessary cost to our clients. 


Ateneo Matina Campus Parking Building Power Provision

Power Provision for the Water Pumping System

12 Tenant Power Provision

Electrical Design and Power Provision for 12 Tenant Stores

9 Tenant Store's Power Provision

Replacement of 10 Electrical Power Breakers


Ateneo College Campus Cat 6 Cable Pulling

A rush request by the client to pull category 6 cables for the Dean's office, Mezzanine and the College Library


Ateneo de Davao University Power Provision

An urgent request by our client to provide power for 11 tenants which they needed ASAP. We had to work overnight and on weekends just to keep our promise and to ensure that our clients are happy with the results. 


Nova Tierra Residential CCTV System

Customer is so pleased with the clarity and security brought about by their CCTV system. 


Ateneo Tenant's Power Distribution System

B2B Installation and Design of Ateneo's Parking Building Tenant's Power Distribution System


Northcrest Residential CCTV System

Another CCTV System installed in one of Davao's exclusive prime real estate areas. 


Suemitsu Compund CCTV / Electrical System

A CCTV and Electrical System Installation at a Residential Compound.


3-Storey Rizal Commercial Building Fire Detection and Alarm System

A conventional fire alarm system for a 3-storey commercial building.


Immanuel Baptist Church Wireless and Wired Cabling System

Clients' current wireless system were replaced with a comprehensive wireless system and an application of global standard setup of a wired cabling system. 


Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai CCTV System

Addtional CCTV cameras were provided for this university. 


Local Government Office CCTV System Rehabilitation

A high profile government office which manages very important documents for the Davao City. We designed a system that allows them to monitor client/staff movements and other important activities.


Royal Pines Electrical Installation

A rehabilitation of their house electrical system and provision of their house expansion for their garden and outdoor areas. 


D4D Enterprises CCTV System

Replacement of their old CCTV system where the wire was consumed by rats. We suggested to use durable materials instead of using exposed cabling which are very attractive to rats, insects and pests. 


Buildility Construction On-Site CCTV

Deterrent from stealing and and monitoring of on-site construction projects.